The Web Design Process - What To Expect

The overall path we will follow along the journey from idea to completed website can be summarized in five steps:

Step 1: Consultation/Planning

This is the most important step of all, in my opinion. Together we assess your needs and decide on an overall plan for the site.

Step 2: Proposal/Deposit

We have made our decision to work together. I prepare a project proposal in plain language, outlining the strategy we have discussed for the site and making the project official. At this time a 50% deposit is due, along with the site content such as text and images.

Step 3: Graphic Design/Usability Concept

A visual mockup is created for your review and approval. Up to three revisions are usually allowed before approval, if needed.

Step 4: Development & Coding

The images are sliced, diced, coded and made into a real working website on my test server. The site is ready to be performance tested.

Step 5: Liftoff!

The website gets final client approval, 50% balance is paid. The website gets uploaded and launched. Your new home on the web is ready for visitors!

Accepting interesting new projects as of Jan 23 , 2018