Chris Sansone Web Designer in Butler NJ

I am Chris Sansone, a web designer, programmer, general computer geek and all around problem solver in Butler, NJ. I like moonlit strolls on the beach, and when clients see their new sites and use the word awesome!

Web Design Approach

The most important element in a web design or web redesign is the end user. Period. A good web site design considers how users view different types of sites, and takes advantage of this to Guide the visitor to the most important part of the site.

And take action.

Quickly. Before their attention wanes.


I started designing websites as a hobby in 1997. My love of the design process, coupled with that warm fuzzy feeling I get when I see a completed piece of work, led me to begin working full time in the corporate world. I planned, designed and consulted with several companies to help them find their place on the web.

These years were spent working on projects which varied from simple one-page brochure sites to large shopping empires, housing dozens of thousands of products. Most often I was the sole designer and coder, but I sometimes collaborated with other designers, companies or previous designers of sites to be upgraded.

NJ WebGuy, LLC was founded in 2008. This is my way of putting all I've learned to its best use. As the owner, designer and customer service guy, I feel that this is the best way for me to keep the design process as simple and cost effective as possible for my clients, while keeping the lines of communication completely open.

Accepting interesting new projects as of Feb 19 , 2018